Beach Conditions

         Friday July 3, 2020  Forecast conditions for Deerfield Beach are listed below. Should conditions change this information will be updated in the afternoon. We encourage everyone to swim in guarded areas and have a safe day at the beach.

 Air Temperature: 94
Water Temperature: 84
High Tide: 8:09 AM
Low Tide: 2:38 PM
Wind Direction:  SW at 5-10 Knots
Water Conditions: Calm
Sea Pests: Jellyfish
Surfing/Swimming Locations: Note: Due to rising COVID-19 cases Deerfield Beach will be closed from Fri. 7/3/20 - Sun. 7/5/20. Individuals are welcome to exercise or walk on boardwalk but NO lounging, swimming, surfing, or sunbathing will be allowed. Thank you...stay safe and maintain social distancing.
 Current Flags: Red / Red