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Posted on: June 1, 2017

City Wide Crime Report Now Available to Residents

Mayor Bill Ganz and the City Commission are pleased to announce that the City Wide Crime Report will now be going out regularly as crime information is reported to the City. Those residents who wish to receive an email with regular crime updates are encouraged to log onto www.DFB.City, then click the button that reads, “Sign Me Up.” You will be directed to the subscriber lists page. Put your email address in the Profile Information box, then click the “City Wide Crime Report” which is further down on the page.

“This is our way of keeping the public informed about crime that is happening in our neighborhoods and all you need is a computer or mobile device,” said Mayor Ganz.

The new City Wide Crime Report is an extension of the District 4 Crime Alert that Mayor Ganz implemented 9 years ago as Commissioner. Those residents currently subscribed to the District 4 Crime Alert have been automatically subscribed to the City Wide Crime Report.

The Mayor and City Commission have also implemented city wide alerts on Twitter. If there is a police or fire emergency that is impacting the public, that information is tweeted from @DFB_Alerts, stay informed and follow us on Twitter!

If you have any questions regarding the City Wide Crime Report or @DFB_Alerts feel free to contact the Public Affairs and Marketing Department at any of the phone numbers below.

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